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Destinee Wallace 5 September 2022

You will find a blog covering the toughest topics in one place. Investigating current media and finding truth. What captivates and is mysterious to people. Stories of human triumph, and economic despair. Since the advance of technology, propaganda is used to influence public opinion and change narratives, blurring the truth.

Coming together.

Find the truth!

Rather than believing what we’re told, find the truth and apply discernment. The truth is overthrown by lies through history. People in power lie; out of fear, to protect, or control.

The only one stopping you from the truth is you!


Through the matrix and into the truth.

We band together and make sure the truth isn’t suppressed.: government conspiracies, war, disease, famine, bring it to light. Can we find out why these obstacles have not been overcome, or will they ever?

If I have piqued your interest. Come join me, for safe opinions, direct knowledge, and real topics! Let us get started…

Some people believe that we are living in a simulation, an altered reality. Do we keep looping into a cycle of war, pestilence, and corruption? If so, how do we change the loop? If we change ourselves and our environment, does the simulation change?

When you join, you promise to be courteous and respectful of all opinions!

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Baltimore’s News and Crimes

Author: Destinee Wallace September 7, 2022 Baltimore never has a shortage of crime or news. We will start with the news of West Baltimore and new findings with water testing. In the Lafayette Avenue area, the fire department found E. coli in their water system. The 2-surrounding police departments, North Mount Street and North…

Hurry, we have mere hours!

Author: Destinee Wallace.       6 Sept. 2022 The clock is ticking down, and we have just mere hours to honor, ‘National Read a Book Day.’ I know we just had August 9th, Book Lovers’ Day, and this is similar. The only difference is to choose a book that you haven’t read, but believe you…

Labor Day, What’s it about!

Authored: Destinee Wallace             readandspeakout                 September2022 You breathe a sigh of relief as you enjoy your day off for Labor Day. What does it mean? Just another federal holiday, well not so much, it took a lot of lives and dedication to achieve our workers’ rights.  This holiday touches almost all Americans because you have held…

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