Hemi-Sync Can We Do It

By: Re’nee Wallace

Published August 1, 2022


website: https://www.readandspeakout.wordpress.com

Hemi-Sync, what is it? When both sides of your brain (the Left and Right hemispheres) work together as one. If you do not already know, our brains function peculiarly. Down below is a website that tells some regions and functions of the brain.

We have heard we only use 10% of our brains, but this is science fiction. Our brain in some areas works harder than in others, but it is untrue that only 10% is in use while the other 90% sets idle. In 24 hours, almost all of your brain is used.


So scientifically, Hemi-sync can be achieved by music. This is not the music you would hear in your car on the radio. There are different frequency levels that open parts of the brain. The Monroe Institute has studied this phenomenon for many years. They have created various music tracks to reach this state, Meditation has also been linked to synchronization of the brain, and those with years of practice can hold the sync for up to 15 minutes.

What do you gain by complete synchronization? Obtaining this frequency is said to aid; in stress relief, blood flow, mental clarity, and even self-healing. Yes, they even perceive that small glitches in your system will heal themselves. For reference, we could look at cells and the replication process. Is it possible that with sync, we could fix those malfunctions? Even if that is not the case, the stress in the world is enough to try these methods. What do you have to lose?

Hi everyone, I have decided to start adding questions to certain pages. I have 2 questions for this post and hope you all will enjoy and reply!

Q: Has anyone ever used musical frequencies to achieve Hemi-Sync? If so, what were the effects?

Q: Remote viewing has been done for years and was even used by the CIA. How many would like to know more about remote viewing? How did the CIA use viewers, and what did they see?

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