Daily Check: Writers’ Mind

Destinee Wallace 23 August 2022

Once upon a time. No, this is not that story. Good morning, fellow writers, readers, or potential clients. This morning is August 8, 2022. Today I want to run down my writing journey. In the least, it’s been difficult starting on your own. Old writing experiences and English left in the dust years ago were only complicated. One of the aggravating and time-consuming feats is technological change. Pen and paper were the writing tools needed, and a typewriter to finish your story. Completed draft and success ask, “Stephen King.” Over the last two years, I flooded composition notebooks with countless notes. When trying to access these notes, I found myself in a mess. Indexing this information proved impossible and a waste of time. Stories were started and not finished. ADHD in the purest form? Soon I looked at it differently; the mind of a writer. Perhaps.

Writer’s mind: find the image on Google

Catch you next time with more struggles. We are just getting started in the mind of a writer. 

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