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China releases white pages: Taiwan

Published: August 17, 2022

written by: Re’nee Wallace

RSO: read and speak out

Amongst hostile tensions across Taiwan and its Straits. China released white pages concerning Taiwan, a bold show of defiance. We begin with the title of the white pages.

“The Taiwan Question And China’s Rejuvenation In The New Era”

Tensions are high and concerns are raised, released white pages from China articulates volumes. Concentrate on rejuvenation’, the action of restoring something to a condition or characteristic of a younger time. China believes: that Taiwan belongs to ancient and new China. The Taiwan Office of Affairs and the People’s Republic of China released the papers and they’re broken into five sections. The first is reinforcing why Taiwan is a part of China. Backing the claim, here are quotes from the released documents.

“Taiwan has belonged to China since ancient times. A large number of historical records and annals document the development of Taiwan by the Chinese people in earlier periods. The royal court of the Sui Dynasty had on three occasions sent troops to Taiwan, called Liuqiu at that time. Starting from the Song and Yuan dynasties, the imperial central governments of China all set up administrative bodies to exercise jurisdiction over Penghu and Taiwan.”

All quotes are left the same. Any grammatical or punctuation errors are a part of the document and can’t be altered. Sometimes you may have to read quotes slowly to grasp meaning. – Apologies

“In July 1894, Japan launched a war of aggression against China. In April 1895, the defeated Qing government was forced to cede Taiwan and the Penghu Islands to Japan. During the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-1945), China’s Communists called for the recovery of Taiwan.”

released from PRC-Jinping.

China stated, jargon aside, the signing of the “Potsdam Proclamation” in ’46 by the United States concluded the question of where Taiwan belongs. Pay close attention, the next quote’s assertion is stunning.

“As a result of the civil war in China in the late 1940s and the interference of external forces, the two sides of the Taiwan Straits have fallen into a state of protracted political confrontation. But the sovereignty and territory of China have never been divided and will never be divided, and Taiwan’s status as part of China’s territory has never changed and will never be allowed to change.”

To be very clear, the United States is always the external force to China. Throughout the document, the US is referenced to interfere with China and its politics. Concerning is the statement that Taiwan will never be allowed to change its status. This is a guarantee, that China will stop at nothing to regain Taiwan. The provocation by China is constantly demonstrating their military forces while surrounding Taiwan. XI Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, issued the drills in a show of power. The remainder of the section chronicles the build-up of China’s new government, leading to Taiwan’s sovereignty coming into question again.

“In recent years some elements in a small number of countries, the US foremost among them, have colluded with forces in Taiwan, to falsely claim that the resolution did not conclusively resolve the issue of Taiwan’s representation. Puffing up the illegal and invalid Treaty of San Francisco[2] and disregarding the Cairo Declaration, the Potsdam Proclamation and other international legal documents, they profess that the status of Taiwan has yet to be determined, and declare their support for “Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the UN system”.

Grasping the concept of what China is saying is simple. The US is undermining the ’46 agreement. Why? According to China; Taiwan being considered as a sovereign state; allows the US to use Taiwan as a weapon to control and contain China. How? Well, China didn’t elaborate on the accusation. The efforts of the CPC to reunify Taiwan have been ongoing since 1921.

“PRC has worked together to de-escalate tension across the Straits. They have set out on a path of peaceful development and made many breakthroughs in improving cross-Straits relations.”

The statement is unbelievable and unreliable. Since, the gearing up of Jinping’s mission to reunite with Twain, we have seen a military force like Russia. No, not a full-fledged war, but aggressive demonstrations of force targeting Taiwan. Russia before the invasion started drills at the edge of the Ukrainian border. until the eventual invasion. According to Taiwan’s president, the drills have been ongoing for two years. In the last year, the drills have become fierce and intense. On January 23, aggressive measures reached their peak with 39 Chinese aircraft, after that they lessened. On April 15, in the wake of lawmakers visiting Taiwan, caused another drill. Beijing blames lawmakers for provocation in a show of support for Taiwan. China’s military sent frigates, bombers, and fighter planes to the East China Sea. This is when the statement was issued. ‘The U.S. bad actions and tricks are completely futile and dangerous. Those who play with fire burn themselves.’ Even words anger China, the use of Taiwan as a country, infuriates the PRC. On May 9, China said it conducted military operations near Twain, which Japan confirmed. Taiwan issued a statement reinforcing that the Taiwan Strait will not be intimidated and the 23 million people of Taiwan decide their future. The latest at that time included; six Chinese J-11, six J-16 fighters, two H-6 bombers, and a Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft. One of the drills demonstrated around this time actually issued the drill’s name, “How to Invade Twain.” The level of provocation is causing scrutiny on PRC, but they are steadfast in their mission. Issuing controversial statements, and threats are part of China’s gameplay. This next quote conveys why Taiwan is important.

“The volume of cross-Straits trade was the only US $46 million in 1978. It rose to the US $328.34 billion in 2021, up by a factor of more than 7,000. The mainland has been Taiwan’s largest export market for the last 21 years, generating a large annual surplus for the island. The mainland is also the largest destination for Taiwan’s off-island investment. By the end of 2021, Taiwan businesses had invested in almost 124,000 projects on the mainland, to a total value of US $71.34 billion[4].”

It appears China is calculating Taiwan’s worth and monetary gains. Note that Taiwan exports and constructs a substantial amount of semiconductors across the world. If you are not familiar with semiconductors, the short version would be no cars,  phones, or computers. The money and monetary gains China would incur from Taiwan are substantial and fuel the invasion. It’s a big part of why they’re being defended, too. This is further backed by Biden’s announcement that America will make semiconductors.

The title of the third section explains the determination of the PRC and Xi Jinping in their mission. Recounting the herring story and downfall, imposed on China by the U.S. and Japan.

“China’s Complete Reunification Is a Process That Cannot Be Halted”

A semi-story of China’s worst time of suppression and humiliation. Slowly, drawing a connection with Taiwan because of their suffering too. The convincing tactics are commonly used by China, and push Taiwan into believing they should reunify. Stating it is time to heal all wounds, but doesn’t China’s track record prove differently?

In the modern era from the mid-19th century, due to the aggression of Western powers and the decadence of feudal rule, China was gradually reduced to a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society, and went through a period of suffering worse than anything it had previously known. The country endured intense humiliation, the people were subjected to great pain, and the Chinese civilization was plunged into darkness. Japan’s 50-year occupation of Taiwan epitomized this humiliation and inflicted agony on both sides of the Taiwan Straits”.

In July 1997, Hong Kong was wooed by the same words, and the British colony transferred its authority over to the PRC. Hong Kong’s GDP is only 1.4 percent now, and the promises of “two systems and one government,” don’t exist. Hong Kong can’t choose leaders as promised, and suffering is abundant The next quote contradicts the thought of anything peaceful.

Attempts to reject reunification and split the country are doomed, because they will founder against the history and culture of the Chinese nation, as well as the resolve and commitment of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people. External Forces Obstructing China’s Complete Reunification Will Surely Be Defeated

Any Attempt by Separatist Forces to Prevent Reunification Is Bound to Fail

Taiwan has steadily built up their military forces with the intention of pursuing “independence” and preventing reunification by force. They join with external forces in trying to sow the seeds of “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan”.


The statements show, China’s underlying feeling of anger, but the Taiwanese feel they should be able to choose. That isn’t a factor though because randomly the PRC has compared Taiwan to ants. Pointing to facts, the Taiwanese have raised their exports by a ratio of seven thousand and grossed 328 billion. Their footprint is not small any longer.

The US conveys China as a major strategic adversary and a serious long-term threat. They do their utmost to undermine and pressurize China, exploiting Taiwan as a convenient tool. The US authorities have stated that they remain committed to the one-China policy and that they do not support “Taiwan independence”. But their actions contradict their words.

Biden has stated that the US supports the ‘One China policy, but not by force. He compared the situation to Russia. China also stated that the interference is making the reunification process difficult and lodges hefty claims.

They are creating confusion around what is black and white, right and wrong. On the one hand, they incite separatist forces to create tension and turmoil in cross-Straits relations. On the other hand, they accuse the mainland of coercion, pressurizing Taiwan, and unilaterally changing the status quo, in order to embolden these forces and create obstacles to China’s peaceful reunification.

National Reunification in the New Era

In this last section, China continues to make promises to Taiwan about peaceful reunification. Discussing the goals of China, next lavishing promises of equality and oneness. The benefits of the new age agreement, and protection for Taiwan.

Upholding the Basic Principles of Peaceful Reunification and One Country, Two Systems. Promoting Peaceful Cross-Straits Relations and Integrated Development. Defeating Separatism and External Interference. Working with Our Fellow Chinese in Taiwan Towards National Reunification and Rejuvenation.

Bright Prospects for Peaceful Reunification. Taiwan Will Have a Vast Space for Development.The Rights and Interests of the People in Taiwan Will Be Fully Protected. The Rights and Interests of the People in Taiwan Will Be Fully Protected. Peaceful Reunification of China Is Conducive to Peace and Development in the Asia-Pacific and the Wider World.

The promises of China sound great. To have a mighty defensive force backing Taiwan, and full access to expand. Don’t forget the consolidation of both systems into one China. The problem is China doesn’t stick to their agreements and this has been proven. Inhibitors are at the end of the statements, ‘within the law.’ Truthfully, laws change frequently and only benefit the economic-financial gain. Xi Jinping has reigned for some time and ties into all official avenues. As an example; Biden would have power over congress, national defense, CIA, and FBI, plus still holding the presidency. Yikes!

After a century of suffering and hardship, the nation has overcome humiliation, emerged from backwardness, and embraced boundless development opportunities. Now, it is striding towards the goal of national rejuvenation.

The concluding statement raises concern and not just for Taiwan. We are embarking on a new time and technology is changing the world. Countless statements have emphasized the UK and US had their time as the front runners. Now it’s China’s time. A new world order? The conflict that would transpire would be horrendous. The impact would be felt everywhere. China has gained massive ground with allies and is trying to secure the surrounding islands of the Black Sea. Controlling the sea would make China the ultimate powerhouse. Massive trade and trillions of dollars run through the Black Sea, and the possibility of requesting permission to trade would be devastating. This would give China full control and would cause the US inability to trade. China would have the US in a stranglehold, attacking finances to dire straits. The hostilities between each other in the year 2022 are definite. The ending could be devastating and tragic. Authoritative governments have intensively shown that the care or rights of their people are severely decapitated. Recently, citizens of Shanghai had their residences seized for quarantine quarters. Massive citizens on the streets were sobbing, begging not to be forced from their homes. The citizens were shown dragged and beaten when they would not concede. Rockets are launched within the range of villages, with no regard, causing homes to catch fire. Rockets are launched into space, with no plan to contain the debris, letting it fall to the Earth. When you put money in front of rights, money wins. A comment from India states ‘it’s a battle between the world’s two superpowers.’

Thanks, guys for joining me and I hope you all learned some useful information. Stay tuned for the next update. Stories in the future; The Interest in Taiwan: democracy or profitability and China’s scheme to weaken, Taiwan.

We have an update;

The US tests Nuclear Missile

Re’nee Wallace

August 19, 2022

On Tuesday, August the 16th, the US launched a nuclear missile into the Pacific ocean. The mounting tensions between the US and China over Taiwan halted nuclear testing scheduled for August second. The US stated the delay was necessary, and so China wouldn’t get the wrong message. The US emphasized there is no intention of provoking the PRC. The US will conduct more nuclear testing. The US will also conduct air and naval drills in the Taiwan Strait. The underlying goal of the test is explained below.

The test showed “the readiness of U.S. nuclear forces and provides confidence in the lethality and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear deterrent,” a U.S. military statement said.

The re-entry vehicle traveled about 4,200 miles (6760 km) and was launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

The military said about 300 such tests have been carried out previously and that it was not the result of any specific global event.

Obviously, there is an effort to downplay the facts. The connections are apparent between the testing and the new drills implemented. We wait to see what happens next…

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