Baltimore’s News and Crimes

Author: Destinee Wallace

September 7, 2022

Baltimore never has a shortage of crime or news. We will start with the news of West Baltimore and new findings with water testing. In the Lafayette Avenue area, the fire department found E. coli in their water system. The 2-surrounding police departments, North Mount Street and North Carey Street, also confirmed the presence of E. coli in their water systems, issuing caution areas for drinking water. The highlighted, ‘red’ area for the most severe, running from Washington Blvd. to N. Carey St. Now. If you are familiar with this area, then you know some pretty important places lie within that area. Of course, I reside within the red zone, but there is the UMB, University of Maryland, Baltimore. There is the Baltimore Train center, and with a toured train ride. Edger Allen Poe’s grave site, plenty of food locations, and Price Rite. The Mount Clare Medical center and the Total Health Care center are located within as well.

I will use my own testimony, I reside in the red district. First, this is not a new issue! Since, living here, as the summer months start to approach the water turns a light yellow to a faint brown. You may not notice it as you run water through your kitchen facet, but running bath water for my 2-year-old is very noticeable.

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We have never drank the water straight from the tap. Though buckets of money go towards buying cases, and gallons of water, you just can’t trust the water. There are safe amounts of E. coli in water, but I could find no further results for those measurements. If you live in this area, and can’t afford water, there are 3 distribution centers giving out water. The Harlem Park Elementary School is located at 1401 Lafayette Avenue. Middle Branch Park is located at 301 Waterview Avenue. The Landsdown Library, is located at 500 3rd Avenue. The Landsdown Library, and Middle Branch Park, suggest bringing your own containers.

Now, crime watch, on September 2, at 2:54 pm as school was being let out at Mervo High School an altercation broke out. On-lookers heard shouts, and screams, almost everyone thought it was an after-school fight. They were wrong, Jeremiah Brogden, a 17-year-old junior was discovered shot, and lay dying by his high school. Brogden’s life was cut short by the fleeing 17-year-old, high school classmate, ruining the future. He was apprehended and police recovered the weapon involved in the shooting.

Baltimore City-

On September 2, at 10:27pm, a man was found in the 2500 block of Hollins Street. He suffered from gunshots and later died at Maryland Shock Trauma. The male’s race, age, and name are unknown at this time.

On July 29th a 17-year-old was found on 3100 W. North Avenue. Evay Henriques, a black male, was found dead at the scene from gunshot wounds. Call 1866-756-2587, regarding tips on this case.

September 7, around 7:30 am, firefighters were called to an abandoned, burning house located in the 1100 Block of N. Monroe. They confined the fire to one room, and inside the room was a woman’s body. The investigation and autopsy are still ongoing in this case.

Let’s cover a tragic case, anytime a life is lost to violence, that’s unnatural. So it’s very important to cover Jaheem Atkin, a 16-year-old, who lost his life due to gun violence. On October 21st, 2021, BPD was called to a crime-riddled area around 3:30 pm. The flashing blue light of the city’s crime watch camera, CitiWatch, recorded, and nobody paid attention. On the 900 block of Poplar Grove lay Atkin, in a pool of blood. His body was perforated with bullet holes. While the police were investigating, they encountered a 12-year-old shot in the foot.

Jaheem Atkin

Almost a year later, there are still no suspects in this case. What did the cameras catch? Apparently nothing from the lack of suspects. There are about 800 CitiWatch cameras, and 755 are streaming, to the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement. At any given time, between 17-18 percent are ”out’, says councilman Eric Castello.

One last discussion piece on the water. It’s safe for adults to shower, as long as you don’t swallow water. Toddlers and small children should sponge bath, and having a toddler I agree, everything goes into the mouth. Washing dishes by hand? You need to boil the wash and rinse water. A dishwasher is safe as long as a 160-degree temperature is reached. As I stated, I couldn’t find measurements of E. coli in the water system. So, until further testing is supplied, play it safe and follow the guidelines.

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September 8th, 2022

Update on E. coli, if you live on the south or southwest of route 40, including Baltimore County. Mayor Scott, says this can be lifted because it was precautionary, and that area never tested positive. The full lift will come when the DPW reviews the analytical results and the tests are negative. So, the redline district still boils water and takes precautions. The area of red stretches from Martin Luther King Blvd to N Carey. Not limited to Norris, W. Pratt, and S. Gilmor. A glimmer of relief in your pockets, Brandon Scott, promises that water bills for this month will be decreased by a 25% discount for the hassle, and wasted water.

The next steps if you no longer need to boil water will waste your water. You must flush your water pipes, this will consist of running your cold water for 15 minutes, according to the Public Works Director, Jason Mitchell. Start with the cold water on your lowest floor, steady moving to the top level. Flushing the system for 15 minutes, and then shutting off in the reverse action. It’s also recommended to flush your icemakers, and water lines within the refrigerator. All ice made during the advisory should be tossed out.

Further update: 09/09/2022

The water restrictions have been lifted. Don’t forget to flush your system.


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