Baltimore, Maryland Crime Watch

Authored: Destinee Wallace 2 September 2022

The nationwide crime is continuous and devastating, especially in Baltimore, Md. I have lived here for 5 years and every year it gets worse. The statistics for murder is 58.27 per 100,000, this means we are on the track to the deadliest city. The population is close to 600,000 and about 127,000 are drug addicted. So far n 2022, 471 murders and 504 shootings. The rates are debilitating, either you are desensitized or live in fear. Now, you may think it’s limited to small pockets, but this is widespread across the city and county.

Can you depend on the Baltimore police? I will give you the statistics, and you make your choice. Murder rate solvability is 50%, and shootings are rated at 75%. These statistics are not satisfying, it almost says, come to Baltimore to commit a crime because you won’t get caught.

Larry Hogan, the Governor, allocated 45 million to Baltimore this month to hire more people over 3 different departments. All five police state agencies are going to unify and work to deter crime in Baltimore. Hogan is trying to pass the “Violent Firearms Offenders Act.” This would establish felony theft of a handgun as a crime and change the classification of crimes involving firearms. In Jan. 2022, it was discussed to re-evaluate the ages of when crimes are committed. That was passed, Juvenile Justice Reform, part was to include 10, 11, and 12-year-olds, cases placed in the juvenile court system if they committed 2 or more violent crimes within the same crime. An example is a burglary-home invasion with the use of a firearm. Burglary is a felony, and burglary with the use of a firearm is a felony.

What is going on in Baltimore? From living here, I have watched and lived in several areas. There are numerous reasons why crime is high. It starts with our city officials and by the end, you will see how they affect the crime. Corruption has been a pinnacle in Baltimore. The producers of “The Wire ”are now in production of the corrupt gun task force. Making a series, on the 12 task force members who were hiding drugs and guns on people. The matter is a severe breach between citizens and police no trust, no communication, and no action. This goes to the top, and the same things are being said.

“This was a cowardly, brazen act. We need the public to do their job and come forward.”

Mayor: Brandon Scott

These cowards show no morals, or respect. Please pick up the slack in your community, come forward.

Mayor Brandon Scott

It starts with us, it starts in the communities, and these cowards will not prevail in our city.

Mayor:Brandon Scott

These cowardly acts, will not be tolerated, and we will find you.

Police Commissioner Harrison

There seems to be a pattern in dialogue, and calling the murderers, “cowards” doesn’t make them turn themselves in, nor stop killing. The words have now changed to “tragic” truly, after so much death and destruction the words become frivolous. The broken trust of citizens in officers is beyond repair, there would need to be years of fixing lines of communication, and building trust. Witnesses coming forward; would need guaranteed safety. Programs would need to be established for all ages. Yes, having programs and catching youth while they’re young is important. Often, it’s the older generation that entices the youths and pulls them into that street life. So, having a program for older adults is significant, because you should never be considered too old to turn your life around.

Let us move on to the crime. This is August and documenting severe crimes, murders, and shootings.

A 60-year-old, male, on August the 20th at 5:40pm died of blunt force trauma. The incident was located on; 600 South Redwood Avenue. Victorino Malabayabes was approached by an unidentified subject who asked for a tissue. Then he grabbed the man and pushed him against a vehicle, then to the ground. Taking the victim’s wallet, then fleeing. Victorino, died 3 days later at the hospital. Information or Knowledge of crime, contact Crime stoppers.

On August 12, at 8:51 pm, police found 2 male, victims dead at the scene, inside a vehicle from gunshot wounds. Located at Walabash Avenuei n the 4000 block. William Ferebee, black, male, 24 years of age. Leion Davis, 23 black, male. Any information, contact: Baltimore Crime Stoppers.

On August 12, at 1:43pm, Tony Matthews: black, male, 33 located on 4200 Parkside Drive was shot at 1:14pm. No further details.

Chris Hale, August 5, at 8:58 pm, was located at 2800 Penwick Ave. He was shot and died at the scene. Hale was a 38-year-old, black male. No further details.

In this situation, 4 people were shot, One deceased, Stephen Walker Jr. One woman with life-threatening injuries, name not released, and no further details on victims. This incident occurred on August 4, at 1:43pm in the 5500 block of Harford Road.

Antwine Smith, an unknown race, 57 was shot on August 8, he was found dead at the scene. The incident occurred in the 1800 block of Walbrook Ave.

On August 11 at 7:25am, Darius Jones was found at 800 Bradhurst road shot to death. Jones was a black male who was 26-years-old.

The next story is popular. This incident took place on August 31, when 5 men pushed their way into a backdoor located in Pigtown. The masked men made the victims get on the floor, demanding their cellphones. Jesika Tetlow said she didn’t have one. When the men located the cell phone, they put a pillow over her head and shot her. The incident occurred at 500 Tumbridge road and occurred at about 2 am. Jesika was an 18-year-old, white, female who was loved by her friends.

Name not released in this incident, August 26 at 9:46pm, race unknown, the female was located and died at the scene. The 5300 block of Eastbury Ave, has no other information.

On August 31, at 8:56pm, a 38-year-old male was shotand died at the scene. Name not released, and he was found at the 2300 block of Ruskin Ave,

August 30, at 10:42pm, a 59-year-old male was located at 2300 Edgemont Ave. He was dead at the scene, and they didn’t release his name.

Delanny Simmons, was shot at 2300 Aston Street. He was a 38-year-old black, male, and he died at; Maryland Shock Trauma.

* Update: On August 31st, a little after 9pm a security guard contracted through “Morgan State University”, was found shot in the head on the 4400 block of Marble Hall road. It’s not clear whether Julian Fruh was on duty at the time he was murdered. He was rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. If you have any information contact 18007LOCKUP

This isn’t all the shootings or crimes. I will update this frequently.

August trials, and here is a prime problem for Baltimore. Executing charges, and getting them to stick, is a big issue in the prosecutors’ office, but not limited to faulty detective work. I will be covering a story soon and will show this firsthand.

August 2022 data released from the prosecutor’s office, this is for fatal shootings: 4 homicides cases resulted in NOT GUILTY, 3 cases resulted in GUILTY, 1 case resulted in manslaughter (the case of the 5-month-old) 2-cases were DISMISSED. Now, these are fatal shootings, and not even 50% of the cases actually resulted in prosecution. Those 4 not guilty, may have executed the crime, but the evidence wouldn’t stick, and can never be tried again.

Non-Fatal shootings, 5 cases NOT GUILTY, 2 cases of GUILTY, and 1 DISMISSED. Once again, not even 50% were prosecuted. The 5 not guilty, released to never be tried again.

What does this say to you about Baltimore City? Now, we haven’t covered Baltimore County, and there is high crime there too. What does this say to you if you want to shoot someone? If the city becomes the deadliest, nobody will have to wonder why. It will only get worse when they close both Amazon warehouses. There will be loads of crime stemming from lack of employment Welcome to the, “friendliest” city, per Baltimore City’s logo.

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