My favorite Recipe

Ren’ee’s Meatloaf

2022 August 26,

Avid cooks specialize in dishes that are their favorite. This dish comes close to perfection, each time it’s made. For me, meatloaf falls in that category. No, an internet recipe will not do the trick. For years, I’ve spent perfecting the dish. Adding and subtracting ingredients. Trying different marinating techniques, to craft a tantalizing dish.

My best critics are my family. Thank goodness, for those taste testers. Depending on your own palate, it can be tricky.  People all have different tastes, influenced by many factors. Smoking influences your taste buds and senses. Certain cultures have preferable tastes to commonly eaten foods. Some cultures enjoy spicy foods, and other cultures don’t. Certain places eat a lot of soup and others, rice.

Back to the loaf. I’ve got my family on my side, but I’ve never shared my recipe with anyone. Maybe, I feel it needs a few more critiques, or it’s special, so I hold it close. Either way, I will keep my secret a little longer.

Hmm… It will be dinner in a few hours. I have a feeling its meatloaf!

Ren’ee Wallace

Writer’s needs and a reader’s dreams!

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