A writer with insertion and execution


Hello, prospective client,

I will start with some background. I am Destinee Wallace, currently 37 years and a mother of five. My pen name is, Ren`ee (Wren-ee) Wallace. I am a remote freelance writer, residing in Baltimore, Md. I specialize in copywriting, digital, b2b, and not limited to SEO. My best attributes are my determination and will to get the job done. Hence, this is where execution comes into play, and insertion is the ability to insert my skills. My writing transforms mediocre, uninspiring writing into engaging and powerful pieces of literature. Maybe, your writing needs a revision and boost. I excel in; grammar, and punctuation, all the while keeping current with grammatical rules. The rule of thumb applying to punctuation and grammar in specific countries; the US, the UK, and Canada, can vary. In addition to my verbal skills, I have excellent interpersonal skills. Client-to-client services, I provide satisfaction, even de-escalating intense situations. Intermediate to advanced computer skills, and great with organizing and prioritizing. Meaning I meet all required deadlines. If this is a problem you encounter, there is help! Do you need help forming or finding your target audience? We will work on your SEO to have a steady flow of readers. You quickly get lost in the binary code of our world and the internet. Don’t let your writing, product, or ingenuity fail. Feels like you’re falling into the abyss, I am a click away and can help you find Elysium. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my cover page. For more detailed experience, skills, and attributes, join me for a review of my portfolio, aka resume` for writers. I look forward to our future endeavors. 

Destinee (Ren`ee) Wallace



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