Zelensky: Checking Facts

Written: Destinee Wallace

Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, what was achieved before the: Special Military Operation? Thanks to the Wilson Center, we can take a look at Zelensky’s presidency before, “The Special Military Operation” in Ukraine, and take a look at the hard questions. On November 15, 2021, the Kennan Institute published an article dedicated to the achievements and failures of Zelensky’s presidency. Some centered questions were., “How has Ukraine changed during these years, and what has President Zelensky and his team achieved at this point? What remains to be accomplished from his list of electoral promises, wedged two and a half years ago.”

Statement from Vasyl Filipchuk

“Overall. That in all, when counted 34 pre-electoral promises, but if you count his comments after the election, a total of 647 pre-and post-electoral promises were counted.”

“ Zelensky started out with an incredible amount of credit with the Ukrainian people, as much as he seemed like an unlikely candidate, he was the underdog, he has so much trust from the people, and this trust persevered again in parliamentary elections and I think it took him all this time, it took him two years to run out of that credit, and he did run through it by firing his squad again and again, by sending it by for eve of the pandemic totally unprepared, and he made multiple mistakes, he came to the international arena multiple times with empty hands”.

“If three years ago, [Zelensky] was definitely different, he was absolutely from another world with an image which he imposed on us from his movie. It was not actually a human being playing resilience… he would come to transform the country in a way how he promised in the movie, And what we all have experienced these two and a half years it’s an absolutely different personality, absolutely different way of behavior and treating of people!”

“As someone who knows our president personally very well told me once,” he believes in his luck, in his star, and in himself.” He doesn’t believe in reasonable alliances, the consensus of interest, the balance of different groups of influence, that is why he encircles himself only with loyal people, and you’re either under him as a servant or his enemy”,

Mykhailo Minokav, press for the Kenan

In daunting quotes, I was surprised by the information attained by the Wilson Center. Zelensky did not meet the mark as president. It appeared to his people that he was not fulfilling his presidential duties. His attitude and behavior are a glaring contrast to what got him elected. A year later and the tides have turned, Zelensky is a hero (at least to the US). The question looms, was he the right man for Putin’s “military operation” or is he the underlining cause? Only time will tell, and we will see at the end.

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